The wonder of MindMaps

Let’s get into the real shape of our brain and how it works.

We looked at a variety of surveys and research studies to find the seven biggest benefits of mind mapping. According to research, mind mapping improves learning, information recall, productivity, creativity, and more.

  • It Enables Meaningful Learning
  • It Helps with Memorization and Retention
  • It’s a More Engaging Form of Learning
  • It Makes Complex Issues Easier to Understand
  • It Improves Your Productivity
  • It Ignites Your Creativity
  • It Improves Your Understanding

Therefore we took the approach of creating mind-maps of the complicated topics which have lots of huge books explaining them and during preparation for the exam if you aren’t familiar with such topics will be a real weakness, Using the VetSwot module followed by mind-maps you will easily understand the topics and not only understand but EASY remember and recall the information.

Away from the exam, we as vets like to see the information in algorithms way because it matches how our medical mindset way of diagnosis, and using that during preparation will help also in day to day fieldwork.