This is how you will get successfully prepared for veterinary board exams in

United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom

Tailored course

Full course with all information well categorised & focuses on key points for your exam.

Revision tables

All vital diseases and topics summarised in simple tables for easy revision.

Mind Maps

Mind friendly maps summaries the vital topics for easily studying and remembering.

Questions Review

Full set of questions similar to what will you expect in your exam, built with gradual time challenges to make studying fun.

Written by Vets passed exams

All the course content written by vets who already passed the board exams & updating regularly

Building confidence

Questions and answers are randomized to help you memorize the information instead of the answer.

Memory bullets

Short sentences give your brain easy access to the information without extra repeating.

100% Online & Mobile

Prepare anywhere on any device connected to internet (computer, tablet, mobile) with user-friendly platform.

24/7 Support

In case of having any questions or difficulty understanding any part, our team working to help you.


The Most Successful Way to Prepare for the Board Exams

Guaranteed, Peace of Mind

Your subscription comes with  

Get well prepared

Full Comprehensive course

Full course contains everything you need in one place.
– Well organised modules and topics.
– Simplified topics without unnecessary information.
– Similar images to that you can expect to see in your exam.
– Tailored country public health & epidemiology.
– Study & revision strategies.

Time to revise

Revision Tables

After studying, you will find the Revision Tables saving your time and reminds you with all key information your memory need to recall.

Before exam will be helpful to gather all what you need in no time with stress-free solution.

How your brain working

Mind Maps

The BEST way to understand and memorise any topic is by draw it in Mind Map because that is how our brain understand and store the information.

You will find Mind Maps collecting all information in simple way that you can use in your board exam and daily life as veterinarian to simply diagnose and understand and compare information.

Hard topics became easy e.g Equine Lameness, became so easy to understand and solve any question about it with simple touch of finger.

You can zoom-in or zoom-out, move freely around the whole map with your mouse or finger touch.

All key information in market boxes for easily seeing it.

study anywhere

100% Tablet & Mobile Compatible

100% Online platform fully customised for easily usage, lightweight and suitable for studying everywhere and anywhere with internet connection.

record thoughts

My notes

– During studying you can write your own notes and will be saved by each topic.
– All notes can be reviewed at once in organised table or by each topic according to your own convenience.

Night mode

Dark theme

Our platform is equipped with Dark Mood for:
– Easily studying during the night.
– Vision care.

In addition to focus mode to help reduce distractions.


The Most Successful Way to Prepare for the Board Exams

OET Veterinary

Bonus content for RCVS & NVE courses include OET Veterinary “writing & speaking” preparation course.

VetSwot is confident that anyone who completes the full course will pass the desired veterinary license examination on their first attempt.

If you completed the entire VetSwot course and still do not pass the exam, VetSwot will pay for your next subscription.

In order to qualify for a free re-subscription, you must have completed the full VetSwot course with reasonable active studying time including revision tables and MindMaps if applicable before the date of your exam.