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Tailored courses to prepare for NAVLE® or NVE® and exclusively for the RCVS® statutory examination

Course features

What do you expect to have with your membership

Tailored course

Full course with all information well categorised & focuses on key points for your exam.

Revision tables

All vital diseases and topics summarised in simple tables for easy revision.

Mind Maps

Mind friendly maps summaries the vital topics for easily studying and remembering.

Memory bullets

Short sentences give your brain easy access to the information without extra repeating.

Our Online Courses

Efficient courses to achieve your dream passing the board exams


The Basic and Clinical Sciences Examination course


North American Veterinary Licensing Examination course


Special course for who are applying for the RCVS® Statutory Examination.


National Veterinary Examination® course for Australia or New Zealand

OET Veterinary

Bonus content for RCVS & NVE courses include OET Veterinary “writing & speaking” preparation course.