Who created VetSwot and Why?

We are veterinarians graduated from different countries around the world who took the journey for veterinary licensing in United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. 

We all started with regular methods of searching for information about veterinary licensing exams and what should we study!

Many resources were not complete or ONLY focus on questions training without proper guide or course; we found ourselves lost, many questions raised “from where should I start?” , “What is this topic?“, “I don’t remember that part!“, ” I am in different speciality and forgot about the others, where should I start?“; we needed some guidance and well organized material for the exam preparation. 

If you are a veterinarian going for examination after few years of field work or from different career or freshly graduated, this courses made for you and specially to serve your needs in passing your exam and take one more step in your carer pathway.

For who is going to have UK, AU or NZ, our team were vets who passed the examination in UK, AU & NZ created special material for “RCVS Statutory Membership Examination” & “Australasian Veterinary Examination” including training questions unique for each exam.

To who is preparing for NAVLE, you would need quick source of information, reminder with all you need (easy & quick) without going back to check early college year’s lecture notes. In addition to mind maps and tables which will give you an easy way through your studying for NAVLE plus clinical tips from real practice experience will help you in your early practice life if you are freshly graduated or new to AVAMA guidelines. Plus unique course for BCSE exam attendance for international vets as well.

For every veterinarian worldwide:

For every veterinarian all over the world, this project made to help everyone has a dream and seek to achieve it like us and not to struggle finding the information or consume a lot of time organizing it. 

With VetSwot you will get well organized courses having the gist of information that you need to pass the license examination. Revision tables and mind maps as well as short memory sentences to help you easily memorize everything. 

We don’t target one type of vets but instead we urge to help everyone to achieve success with ease and comfort.


How many courses do VetSwot offer?

VetSwot offers 4 courses, unique course for each exam including: BCSE course, NAVLE course, RCVS course& NVE course; Fully tailored, focused, well organized, no unnecessary information, training questions after completing modules to be fully prepared.

What is VetSwot means?

Swot means “Study intensively” for every vet who is studying or busy and have tight schedule will find the help and smooth guidance with VetSwot course without need to study extremely hard instead study smart