RCVS© exam course, let’s talk!

Since we launched our platform with a first-time RCVS© exam preparation course for years and we received a massive amount of emails about the nature of this course and if it is effective, So we decided to talk out loud about this course and what you will expect from it.

Everyone preparing for the RCVS© exam will have great obstacles than anyone preparing for NAVLE© or NVE© or any veterinary board exam for many reasons, the most important one is lack of material and confusion about the topics; in addition to a long reading list suggested by RCVS© which for a working vet will be extremely hard to read this list between work or family time if not impossible.

Earlier days, there was a course from one of the UK universities which got discontinued a long time ago, one of the main causes was that the average passing rate is very low.

Between a 10% to 45% passing rate, was scary for any institute to offer a course that might have a very bad reputation. So, it was so difficult to take such a step offering a course for who are seeking RCVS© registration outside the approved universities.

Therefore, no one wanted to take this risk earlier, until a group of vets who already passed the exam (some after several tries) decided to give a hand and collect their studying notes and from there, the RCVS© exam preparation course created.

The RCVS© preparation course includes up to date information which will help you prepare for the exam, giving you the gist of the information to relay on during your preparation, the rest will depend on your understanding and experience, and approach.